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Hereditary Clairvoyant Maria has the rare gift of clairvoyance. She fulfills her mission - helping people around the world find love and happiness. You can always turn to Maria with a problem of any kind. Everyone who asks for it receives help. The work is carried out with the human energy field, therefore all the rituals that Maria performs are absolutely safe and do not have any negative consequences. Since she works with human energy through the information fields of the earth, it is possible to work from a photograph - the energetic image of a person or a personal reception in Chicago.

Maria's services:

- various types of fortune telling (Tarot cards, runes, candles, wax, coffee grounds, mirrors)

- removal of negativity (damage, evil eye, curse, crown of celibacy, seal of loneliness)

- help in love magic (bringing back loved ones, harmonizing relationships, white love spell, getting rid of mistresses, saving a family from divorce)

- a strong ritual to get rid of loneliness (a ritual to meet your soulmate)

- a strong ritual for childless couples

- opening a money channel

- getting rid of addictions

- rituals and rituals for the quick sale of real estate

- getting out of a streak of bad luck, untying the negative past, cleansing the aura, getting rid of fears, obsessions

- assistance in setting up strong mirror protection against negativity of any strength. The protection has a mirror effect - that is, a negative message sent to a person is returned to the person who sent it.

- conspiracies and rituals to strengthen and maintain health.

With Mary's help, all problems will be erased and you will forget them like a bad dream. Before your appointment, Maria always conducts a preliminary analysis of your situation and will tell you what is needed to solve your problem.

To make an appointment for a personal appointment or online consultation, call or write to Viber, WhatsApp

+1 (847) 790-2017

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