Asbestos Synthetic Square Braided Cord for Boiler and Furnace
Asbestos Synthetic Square Braided Cord for Boiler and Furnace
Asbestos Synthetic Square Braided Cord for Boiler and Furnace
Asbestos Synthetic Square Braided Cord for Boiler and Furnace

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Why do you need asbestos-synthetic cord? Asbestos is one of the materials that humanity has been using for a long time to solve various problems. The demand for this mineral is primarily explained by its truly unique thermal insulation properties, which in ancient times were regarded as magical and even divine. But with the development of science, the technical and operational characteristics and composition of the mineral were studied, which made it possible to purposefully use asbestos-containing products, in particular, asbestos cords in various areas of economic activity. In this article, we will discuss in detail the properties, characteristics, scope of use, classification, selection criteria, packaging, transportation and storage of the specified cord material. But first, we’ll talk about asbestos, to which this type of cord product owes its properties and technical and operational characteristics. The word "asbestos" is a general name for a number of natural minerals (silicates) consisting of thin flexible fibers. Translated from Greek, it means “unquenchable”, “unshakable” and reflects the basic properties of the designated mineral. Synthetic asbestos is characterized by: high heat resistance (fire resistance) - it does not burn and retains its beneficial properties when exposed to high (up to 1500 ° C) temperatures; pronounced dielectric effect and lack of ability to accumulate static electricity; high adhesion; resistance to radiation; reluctance to oxidize. We will talk about a special cord material, the basis of which is asbestos fibers. Outwardly, they resemble twine woven from several strands. Structurally, asbestos-sinto cords are cores on which asbestos threads are wound. They are used mainly to solve problems aimed at providing thermal insulation and increasing the fire safety of machines, mechanisms, units, and building structures. Asbestos-sinto cords are so widespread due to their properties and technical characteristics, which they inherited from Sinto - asbestos (modification). Thus, the conversation is about fire resistance (heat resistance) - asbestos-sintho cord can withstand temperatures up to +1500 °C without loss of technical and operational characteristics, which allows it to be used in rocket science, pipeline construction, public utilities when laying pipes for heating plants, etc.; vibration resistance; strength - asbestos-sintho cords are distinguished by their pronounced ability to withstand significant tensile loads; This is especially true for products such as asbestos-sinto reinforced cord; resistance to temperature changes; moisture resistance - a synthetic asbestos cord has a special relationship with water: if it gets wet, it not only does not absorb, but also repels liquid, and, accordingly, does not swell or change the size of its diameter; flexibility, therefore the cord material discussed is used for sealing and thermal insulation of technical products,structures of any shape; stability of dimensional characteristics; high wear resistance. The biological resistance of asbestos-sintho cords deserves special mention, which is manifested by their immunity to harmful microorganisms (putrefactive bacteria, molds). In addition, these cord products are not attractive to insects and rodents. Thicknesses from 7mm to 27mm

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